Coming Soon…

a major surprise for my blog followers (^_^).

While you guys wait for it, I’ll update you about my neck.

I’ve got whiplash. That’s right…whiplash. And it is no picnic in the park honey.

I didn’t give much detail to you guys last Monday. So, let me spill a little on what happened.  On November 14th, I choked on some food and had a heck of a time getting that sucker out. I’m not going into the bloody details, but from all the coughing, and etc., that was necessary to get the food out, I strained my neck. Therefore, whiplash. My doctor’s nurse practitioner told me I was lucky I didn’t break a rib with the way my neck felt.

I’m currently on some muscle relaxers, that don’t work and I’ve already called about that, and on little-to-no sleep. Every time I try to lay down I get an awful migraine, even sitting up I still have the migraine, and I can’t get comfortable. The F.N.P. didn’t give me a neck brace and I’ve also left a message about that. I’m hoping to be some what functional and in a much better mood once the holidays come this week. Right now, I’m an irritated, uncomfortable, tired, and ticked off Waffu.

For my sake, have a wonderful week, a happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it), and look out for this weeks surprise! I’m excited about it. You should be too!



7 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

  1. Very excited, cant wait to see what the surprise is!!!

    Hope you neck starts feeling better. Were you able to take some time off of work? I know you cant rest right now but at least not having to work will help.

    • I’ve just been getting through while at work. We get a half-day tomorrow and then the rest of the week we’re on holiday break. So..yay! I received much, much, much, much better medication and with that and some R&R I’m feeling positive. I can hang ’till then.

  2. Oooo anticipation! I’m glad you fixed your choking that would have scared the crap out of me! Hopefully your neck heals soon!

  3. I hope you’ll feel better soon…whiplash, that’s funny word for such a serious thing, and one I only learned a feww eeks ago (from the movie that goes by that name), so I’m actually feeling a bit proud right now. Didn’t know you could get it from chocking, though.
    I’m excited for your suprise! Don’t leave us waiting for too long! 😀

    • I actually really loved that movie Whiplash. I’m such a J.K. Simmons fan and I like how he portrayed his character. I hated that man, but at the same time you could see he really was trying to get the best out of people even if his method just made him seem like a butt hole.

      You can get whiplash from choking when, in an attempt to expel said item from throat, you are coughing so hard that the motion in your neck/head area is just violent enough to cause it. Believe me, when my F.N.P. said that I go whiplash just from that…I was shocked. Then he told me the guy who broke his ribs story just from couching story and I’ll never look at someone coughing the same again.

  4. I hope you feel better soon. it’s already quite constraining on neck, back and shoulders to cross-stitch – get well soon !! love to see further progress on your stitch work

    • It is. I did no stitching over my little holiday vacation. I tried, but that tightening of my muscles halted me within an hour of steady stitching. I’d rather be sick with a flu and able to at least stitch while on my sick-bed. This is just…what is to be sick and unable to stitch? It is no life.

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