I Got A Car!

Life just keeps finding a way to keep me from my stitching. I love December, but it sure gets busy. Now I’ve added getting a new car into the equation and it’s been hectic.

Yeah..I sorta…bought myself a car this past weekend. I signed all the paperwork and officially get it on Tuesday. Let me insert a big note here…I did NOT expect to go buying a car over the weekend. Just the way things turned out. I went in for a looksy and came out with it. No trickery. I wasn’t “pressured” by the salesperson. I just loved the car. I knew I could afford the car. So I went on and got the car. That is all.

This will be my first owned car. I’ve never bought/had my own car before. Remember when I talked about having more opportunities to grow and get into my own after getting this full-time job? Well…it’s a happening!

I bought a new ebony black 2015 Kia Optima LX. I love it and I think I’m getting great pricing. Long story short, I went in wanting a red Kia Optima, but the one I wanted was sold. Good news? This black one had two features I wanted that was NOT on the red one. The push-start and the power seats. I’ve been telling everyone that I think the red one knew it needed to be sold because I should get this black one. (^_^).

The new car is a bittersweet story because the car I’m trading in was my maternal grandmothers. She fought the great Breast Cancer fight, but died in 2009. Ever since, the car she drove has given me some good years. It’s a 1991, a very old car, and did succumb to many problems in the past 3 years but was reliable for the most of it. I’m a sentimental doll and it’ll break my heart to turn her over. It is time though and I’m sure my grandma would be proud of me to be able to get one of my own.

I’m still aiming to finish this last darn AF 4 page before the year ends. I might not have had the stitch time, but I still think I can do it guys. I will have something new to post, stitch wise, next Monday’s blog.

Before I leave, don’t forget to join in on my Holiday HAED Giveaway (give the link a click to read about it) if you haven’t. The closing date for entries is December 18, 2015 at 8pm EST.

Have a wonderful week!



4 thoughts on “I Got A Car!

  1. Woohoo congrats! I got my new car two years ago as a Christmas present from hubby and love the push button start. I never have to take my keys out!

  2. Your grandmother would be happy knowing you had a safe care I think. My grandfather passed away last year and left me a little money so I put it toward a new CRV. My old Saturn was just past the point of no return, and I think he’d feel good knowing I have a much safer car now. I like the KIA too – it’s such a cute car!

    • Thanks for that. I was feeling a bit down about the transition today, but you’re right..she’d be happy knowing I’m in a safer car. Yesh, it was a constant worry of “please don’t break down wen I’m going to work” or “please don’t break down when I’m coming home from work”. (^_^) thanks for reminding me.

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