No Jinx!

This is such an impromptu update cross stitch post. I’ve been busy and was so excited about announcing the winner on Monday that I plumb forgot to show an update on the cross stitch. *derp*

I completed this column over the past weekend.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 11.3 (122015)

There’s three more columns to go with not so much time. Still believe I can get ‘er done before the new year. Even feeling a little cocky about being able to finish them before next Monday post haha.

Is that a jinx? It might be…no jinx no jinx no jinx no jinx. Whew, curse totally broken. (^_^).

Happy Holidays! No matter what you’re doing stay safe during this season.




3 thoughts on “No Jinx!

  1. Happy holidays! I think it’s time for an other update; how is your rush coming along? ^_^

    • It’s coming along well. Stitching up the second to last column now. I got side tracked by video games early this morning, but still ficused haha.

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