Sixth Page of AF4 Done

Finished an hour or so before being posted, the 6th page has been complete.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 11.5 (123115)

We see something amazing happening. A color shift! Without taking a single look at the original picture I’m excited to see what’s to come, color wise. The wonderful feeling of excitement began to dwindle at a steady pace as the colors multiplied. There were soooooo many different colors in the last two columns.  In the last 300, alone, there were 27 different colors used. This chaos was such a pain to stitch even when pretty to watch.

This it the 6th page done and it leaves the project with 66 pages left. Total count of stitches done is 29,978. This count does not include the middle stitches I did, still. I’ll put them into the count as the project works down.

Now that this has been done, I’m taking a stitch break. It’s much deserved with the perseverance that went into the last ditch effort to complete this 6th page. Plus there’s another hobby I very much want to pursue while still on vacation.

What a way to end the year.

Have a safe New Years everyone!



9 thoughts on “Sixth Page of AF4 Done

  1. What is the other hobby? Is it somethinh new you arr trying? Or is it more origami or the coloring you do on your computer or was it some sort of tablet? Dying to know!

  2. Color changes are so exciting! My current piece will have some in the next column so I’m eagerly trying to finish this page to get to them!

    • Just when the blue/green scheme was almost getting to me this came right on time. Best stitches for you on getting to your next column to see that shift.

  3. Yay and happy dance for that finish! Boo for it bringing a colour change in the last few stitches to annoy you though 😦

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