Work, Work, Work it!

When you’re off for 11 days on a wonderful vacation it’s hard to get back in the groove of working. I love my job. I love the people I work with. That still didn’t stop the Laggy Monster last week.

I dragged, like I never dragged before. Getting up required lots of strong coffee and ample kicking of the booty just to make it through the day. To say I crashed and burned is an understatement when the clock hit 5:00pm, end of work day. There wasn’t much energy to get home, work out, shower, eat, chill out, and get things ready for the next day.  By Thursday the list shrunk to: get home, shower, eat, chill, and sleep. All under a 2-hour span. I was never so happy to just sleep at 8:00pm in my life! To kill this rut, I’ve pursued having my clothes out for the week and premaking portions of food for the week as well. The food’s for lunch at work and dinner. Premade food…we’ll see how that goes.

Over the weekend I dipped a little into my new hobby. I’ll share that with you next week as I make some tweaks to something I’m working on.

I did do a little stitching over the weekend, only 100 stitches, but nothing worthy to post.

I will, however, show you how AF4 is looking right now.

AF4 2015

I wanted everyone to see how it looks in a semi-full form. I say semi because this part is a little over 25% of the stitch. The plan is to keep stitching the top part right until it lines up with the bottom one. I think there’s two more pages until I’m done with that. Then I’ll fill ‘er in and make my way down.  After that, I’ll continue to do the top part until it’s done then work left-to-right on the bottom.

Have a great week!




4 thoughts on “Work, Work, Work it!

  1. I know that feeling…I’m having a hard time getting back into work myself, but it’s slowly getting better 🙂 AF4 is looking great; and thankfully, stitching is a very forgiving hobby that won’t hold it against you if you’re making little progress for some time. Locking forward to seeing what else you’ve been working on! 🙂

    • Glad to hear it’s getting better. It’s almost the weekend! Less tired than last week. Can’t wait to share the new hobby, I quite enjoy it.

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