Making a Pizza!

There’s nothing like eating a good pizza. Even better when you can make it with your own hands. I personally love my pizza heavy on the meats, mushrooms, and sprinkled with lots of cheese. Pizza with anything more makes me want to gag. Wait! I won’t be mad if someone puts anchovies on it. I can do anchovies on pizza. Other than that, my pizza tolerance is low if anything else is on it.  What can I say, I’m particular about my pizza.

When I can make my own pizza, I get very happy (^_^). Handmade just tastes better.

Mini Polymer Pizza Close

It looks delicious doesn’t it? Yes, it does. I can’t eat it though.

Why not? Well…

Mini Polymer Pizza Full

It’s a miniature!

Mini Polymer Pizza

I see the wheels turning. You’re right in your thinking. This is the new hobby I was talking about. Making polymer clay miniatures. Only the food kind though. They’re too cute and even though this pizza isn’t the best, heck it’s my first, I can see my love for coloring and love for detail working together with this hobby. Did I forget to mention this is fun!

My interest with miniature foods stated when I first saw them online years ago. Then I stumbled upon SugarCharmShop on Youtube. The moment I saw her tutorials in 2013, I knew it’d be on the hobby bucket list. Hobby love. I’ve been bitten by the bug since and it wasn’t until now that I felt confident enough with clay knowledge to try. I actually made this pizza from SCS’s first pizza tutorial.

For now, as I learn, I’m going to probably stick with her tuts, but I can see doing my own thing once I get comfortable.

So everyone beware. There will be many more future posts of this new hobby: miniature foods.

I mean…omigosh it’s so tiny!

Polymer Clay Pizza

Have a great week!



12 thoughts on “Making a Pizza!

    • It is my first attempt! I was surprised how it came out. Plenty of room to improve, but overall I was happy it didn’t look like something one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would concoct. I’m already working on another mini when I have time after work. You’ll definitely see more.

  1. Oooh, you had me there for a moment – that looks delicious haha 😀 What a great new hooby, you seem to be really talented at it 🙂 Maybe next something sweet for dessert? 😉

  2. lol you got me! It looks so real that’s awesome! I’ve never tried anchovies on pizza but we like the same toppings. My hubby likes extra sauce, pepper I and tomatoes. Other than the pepperonis ugh lol

    • Once a couple of my friends had a party and got pizza. Not only did they have weird combos (well weird to me…I don’t get pineapple on pizza!), but they also didn’t have a plain cheese or simple pepperoni one. Usually, when you don’t know who’ll be at a party and what they like, you’ll get a plain cheese an simple pepperoni. No. They didn’t. It wasn’t only me complaining that night. Haha, no manners.

      Anchovies are extremely salty, but they taste wonderful on pizza if you eat it bit by bit. I never tried it until last year. It was delish. Fish is still meat (^_^).

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