First Stitch Update 2016

Woo! I completed a column anddd it’s the first stitch update for 2016.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 12 (022116)

To say this column was mentally tiring is an overstatement. Why? Well…I realized half way down the column that two of my colors on my color card looked the same. To be fair, many of them look the same but have slight variations, so I didn’t think much of it. Once I investigated, by matching the actual thread #’s to my color card, the devastating realization came to play. Not only did I make the mistake with mixing the same color with another, but I did it with two others on the same freaking card! Instead of dealing with the problem, I shoved it away and went back to reading/watching TV/playing video games.

I couldn’t deal.

The continual thought of messing up the entire stitch plagued about my brain and the shock almost broke my sanity. I needed to shove the project into the dark where I couldn’t see it. If you can’t see it, it’s not real. Right?

A few days later, I calmed down and decided to pull the mess out and sort where it all went horribly wrong.  I went back two columns and began the tedious task of asking the question, “Does that look like the right color?”.

The good news? I didn’t mess up anywhere until the current column worked on. I started spotting the mismatched colors and remembered how all this had happened.

While I was stitching I had to get a new color, lets call it Blubu, thread from my color card. Instead of putting Blubu back on the card, afterwards, I sat it aside. I wanted to finish the line I was stitching before placing Blubu back. Huge mistake. I thought I only had Blubu to do in the line and this is why I proceeded to wait until the line was finished, but I needed another color, Chati, from the same color card as Blubu and instead of putting Blubu back I got Chati. When I finished getting Chati I’m sure I put it in Blubu’s spot on the color card. Then I remembered Blubu and I put it in Chati’s spot on the color card. Therefore, I mixed Blubu and Chati.

Then the other issue here was that I did have an empty spot on my color card before all this happened. Just a color, Pikinx, that I wasn’t going to need for a long time. So when I took another color, Jubo, out I put it in Pikinx’s spot on the color card. No, I didn’t place Blubu or Chati in the spot because Pikinx has a distinctly adorable symbol and color and Blubu and Chati don’t come close to matching Pikinx. However, Jubo looks exactly like Pikinx, and I ended up filling Pikinx’s spot on the color card with Jubo! When I noticed that Jubo wasn’t filled on the color card, and I needed it throughout the column, I refilled it. Thus, I had Jubo in two spots on the color card!


Make sense?

I’m glad I found this early and not after doing a couple of pages/columns. There were other troubles happening as well in this column. I miscounted a bunch of times and had to redo much even after resolving the thread mix ups. All of which called for a tiring finished column.

What a way to begin 2016 stitching. I can only learn from this. Yesh. What a lesson to learn. Slow down, pay attention, and don’t be lazy! If I had only took the time to fill my empty spots on my card I’m sure none of this would have happened. At least it made for a dramatic comeback?

Have a wonderful week everyone!





10 thoughts on “First Stitch Update 2016

  1. So glad you got it straightened out. And especially glad you didn’t just give up! Valuable lessons and something I will learn from, as I’m now working daily on my Old World Map.

    • I really felt like it. If I didn’t put it away, I think the stress and worry would have put me off of stitching for a while. Glad it was no biggie. Haha, I hope my mistake keeps every other stitcher on their toes ’cause it really sucks when this happens. I wish it on no one.

  2. Lol well I’m glad it was only the current column! It’s looking great! I’m lazy too that’s why I like the big pieces: I usually don’t have to frog 🙂

  3. Wow, what a troublesome little column that was! I’m glad you got it sorted and Pnkinx and blubu and all the others are back in order now.

    • Ditto. Unless they all decide to party in their box and someone drinks too much and takes a cab to the wrong home, causing far too much confusion than necessary. That all “extra” one…always trouble. Hehe.

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