Stitching Confession

Big confession time.

That last column fiasco really shot all my confidence in stitching. It’s taken a week to do 10×10 when my usual time for 100 stitches is 40 minutes. Why? Paranoia. Paranoia that it’ll all go to pot once again. Yes, it wasn’t the mess up to end all stitching mess ups. This I know. Try telling my confidence this though. It’s gone from a 100 to a 30 in a blink of an eye.

Current stitching process is constant rechecking of color threads and recounting just to make sure I’m in the right spot. I tried marking, which I know I don’t personally have to do, on my printed pattern and STILL have to recount. By the time I’ve recounted about five times it’s been almost two hours and I’ve only done a couple of lines. It’s ridiculous!

I believed that fiasco was no big deal. Then why this stitch trauma? It’s so silly. Very, very, very silly. Has this ever happened to anyone else before? Because it makes no sense to me. This weekend was the only light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel moment I’ve had since. I managed to do 100 stitches over the weekend instead of it taking a week.

Here’s the progress:

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 12.1 (031316)

Let’s be real. It is small progress for three weeks only because it is small progress for three weeks. Looking at it now only makes me want to push and show that last column I’m not its stitch bitch. I was for the past three weeks. Now I’m not sitting back and taking its crap anymore. No more!

Have yourself some safe and careful stitching this week guys. I really mean it.








14 thoughts on “Stitching Confession

  1. No worries. Just keep at it and you’ll be fine. I’m a slow stitcher and that’s okay. I’m even slower when I’m working in a confetti section with zillions of color changes. But I stitch for relaxation and to watch the beauty of the piece slowly unfold, so the total time it takes is not a big concern of mine. Lately I have been taking one photo a month of my Old World Map as a way to encourage myself. In a month I can actually see some progress.
    Keep stitching and try to relax. Don’t time yourself at all and maybe you’ll enjoy it more?

    • I love the challenge of getting back on board. When I relax, I stress out. The challenge makes me enjoy stitching even more (^_^). I’m so use to not calling something as it is, so confessing that this has nicked my armor is different. If I didn’t admit it I’d probably stress out. It’s a growth process. Like life. I’ve grown to learn that the negatives can always be positives in the right light. Makes things exciting.

    • 25! Holy cow! That’s quite a bit to keep track of. You’ll finish it when the time is right. Next thing you know you’ll be done and can’t believe you finished it in no time (^_^).

  2. When I reach that point with a project, I carefully set it aside for awhile and work on something else. Once you are over the issue, then you can go back to it and feel better šŸ˜€

    • This is why I totally need to find another stitch project. I wen to my others, but they don’t give the rush like AF4. Hmm…a sign of what’s to come….maybe…hmmm…..

  3. Don’t worry it’s not just you I’m off by a whole row on my wip and I can’t figure out where I went wrong. Luckily it’s sky and I was able to do a lot of fudging to make it work but man it was tough.

  4. I’m sure your confidence will come back…just keep stitching, this project or another one, as quickly or slowly as you feel comfortable with, and you will get back there, in time. It’s still looking beautiful plus the area you’re working on doesn’t look too easy as well šŸ™‚

    • Hehe I was telling someone else that I think this might call for a lookie on a new pattern. Even though I have some stashed I don’t have another one that brings my stitch passion out. Might call for a new pattern? (^_^)

  5. It’s definitely not just you! I once had to rip out almost a quarter of my stitching on a piece and I put it away for over a year in frustration. Maybe try to do a little tiny project from start to finish, so you can see and enjoy the results of your work? Sometimes with projects this big, it feels like all your hours of work leads to very little visible progress, which can be disheartening. Please continue to try your best, and all your readers will be supporting you!

    • You guys have been so amazing with the support! It’s given me a great charge to push on. (^_^)

      I mentioned to someone else that it’s hard for me to confess, even out loud to myself, when something might bring me down. The actual admittance was the only way for me to not get disheartened. Now the fun can begin. Negative to a positive. I can only go back up and I love a challenge.

      I have a stash, but I really need another HAED project that brings out the stitch passion. The satisfaction/thrill are the big projects for me. Littles frustrate me!

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