Dirty Shenanigans

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 12.3 (040316)

(^_^). See that color in the bottom corner? There’s some funky color love a happening.

Oh…by the way…there’s only 3 more columns left for this page. Can you believe that? ‘Cause I sure didn’t for a minute there. I really thought I messed up again. Oh woe the traveler dazed and confused, I said. Then upon the top of the hill the sun shined and the birds chirped. Declaring to the world that this weary traveler was not lead astray. They spoke and said, “No, traveler you might have been diverted, momentarily, but instinct pulled you back on the road that needed to be traveled. No. You are set and rightly where you need be. Now go and do your work.”

No mess up! No redo! No….dirty shenanigans!

*sings in soprano* JJJOOOOYYYYY *finishes the soprano*

Next 3 columns best be ready. I’m coming for them.

Keep on stitching!



3 thoughts on “Dirty Shenanigans

  1. Oh, yay, congrats on the column finish! Now go on and kick that page’s butt, and show us more of that colours going on there 😀

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