As the title says, though misspelled on purpose, life has become a Rihanna song. Work had grossly engulfed life in April. There were ceremonies to help with, paperwork that almost stacked to the ceiling that needed taking care of, an awful caffeine overdose, and sadness from a coworker being let go out of the blue.

Things have calmed down and become more than just work, thank goodness. In the in-betweens, there was a solace in stitching and watching TV. Through it all a column was finished.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 12.4 (050116)

Two more to go for a finished page!

By the way, I’m up to no good and adding something new to the hobby repertoire. Not a new hobby…hobby. Just adding to the current ones (^_^).

Happy Stitching!



4 thoughts on “Werk

    • I’m glad too. The students are graduating soon and I’m hoping summer will be nice and steady. Not crazy and out of control haha. I think before and after semesters just get crazy.

  1. Sometimes work tends to do stuff like that to hour lives, but the good thing is it always ends! Congrats on the column finish ^_^

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