Almost June?

How’s everyone doing? Can you believe May is almost over? I can’t. I just got use to writing May for everything. When May came I was like…when did we have April!  Goodness, the time. It reminds you that time waits for no one. Words to live by if you have things you want to accomplish. *Cough cough* Like writing a book…hey it’s my dream! *Cough cough*

Here’s the AF4 stitch update.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 12.5 (052216)

One more column to go on this current page and then one more full page until I can move on down. I still plan to have an addition to my stitch collection (^_^). I may wait and gift it to myself once I finish the very next page. It’d be an inspiration to finish the next page.

Spring and summer are not my seasons, but I hope you’re enjoying it if you like it. We’re getting soooo much rain and I love it. Bring the dark and gloom anytime. I wonder if it’s an introvert thing. I get my energy from these days. I mentioned that to someone before and she asked me if I was a gloomy person and I told her I’m not haha. Then began to wonder why do I like the rainy/snow/cold/typically considered “bad” weather? Seriously, my best days haha. Anyone else like that?

Keep Stitching!



2 thoughts on “Almost June?

  1. Pretty stitching! I agree, time really is flying, and this month in particular seemed like a flash to me as well…so much to do, so little time!

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