Jolly July

Hey guys!

Has it really been over a month already since my last update? Goodness. (^_^).

Excitedly, I’ve been searching for the perfect place to rent. I haven’t found “the one” for me just yet, but it’s fun trying to find it. Yes, I’m renting and not buying. I’m far too unsure of my future to even think about buying anything. Not to mention I’m curious to know how my German mister, who will be now called Mr. G., and I will play out.

Haha, Mr. G this is the second time I’ve talked about you. Haha.

In all seriousness, I just can’t commit to the area I’m in. Mr. G. or not, I can totally see moving away from this place.

I did work on AF4 while away.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 13 (071716)

Another column bites the dust. Four more…I think…to go before finishing the page and moving on down.

I’m still getting materials for the “mystery” stitch too. Wait…did I talk about that huge chart I bought? You know…the one that has over 130 colors? I did, right? Well…if not….SURPRISE!!!

Trying to get the materials before the end of this month.

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer. Omg, I just remembered my birthday is the 26. I’ll be 29. An official flip of last numbers.

Keep on stitching,



4 thoughts on “Jolly July

    • I’m going to definitely enjoy it! Any anxiety on turning 30? I do whenever I get older, but this is one time I’m not feeling a pressure.

  1. Great progress! That’s her hair growing to the right, isn’t it? The best of luck with looking for a place to rent…I’d really love to hear more about your German mister…and that mystery stitch project of course!

    • Yep, that’s her hair growing. She’s got a lot of hair. It’s ssoo pretty too (^_^). Thank you for the luck, I’m crossing my fingers every time I go to look at a place. The mystery stitch is my bday gift to myself (^_^) it’s going to be fun. Mr. G. is going to just come up every now and again. I’m always afraid to jinx anything. *Derp* It’s so great to hear from you Leonore!

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