Stitching with the Olympics

The 2016 Olympics are here.

I’ve been so excited about this since January. I get so riled up and patriotic during the weeks of the Olympics. I watch everything. I might not know anything about the sport, but gosh golly I watch it!

I’m not a sporty girl at all. The only sport I generally follow is Mixed Martial Arts. MMA…has…been…disappointingly to me (too much doping going on and foolishness in my most loved sport) and the Olympics has lifted me up. So much greatness out there. I think of all their dedication and hard work. I think of what it took to be the best and to represent their county. Wanting to win that gold for your country. All that heart…it’s overwhelming. I support my country 100% , but I’ll still cheer for other countries (well if they aren’t against the USA haha).

I saw Michael Phelps’ last race and saw a great go down in history as still number one. I remember seeing him in 2000. It’s so unbelievable. We’ll see if he really means to retire. He seems dead set on this being it, but you never know. Still…it’s been a joy to watch him all these years and I’m glad to have been able to.

It’s a great time to be alive people

Of course I’ve been putting in some stitch time. I finished another column!

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 13.1 (081416)

I love the reds in her black hair. They pop so well. You can’t really see it well here, I’m still struggling taking photos of the project haha, but it does pop. I also enjoy the vivid color change because I’m soooo over the blue/green scheme.

By the way…my Big Bang obsession is on overload. I just can’t get enough of this video. The girl…random fan…she did amazing. Not to mention Taeyang looks just gorgeous! His stage voice is just perfection. Goodness. I’d have just died if I were her. This was his first solo with a woman and I just think they did so beautifully. Go her for singing with her idol and kicking ass.

Have a wonderful day!



6 thoughts on “Stitching with the Olympics

  1. I don’t watch the olympics (or any sports except for *maybe* the final of the football world champonship) but it’s fun to watch everyone else having fun with them, so yay! Great progress with your stitching as well. But I also have to protest! You keep talking about some secret projects your putting together and you keep not showing us! 😉

    • Haha. I know, I know! I’ve had some snaffus with the secret project, mainly concerning shipping dates. You won’t be kept in suspense too much longer. (^_^).

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