It’s finally here. After the many months of toiling down in the cellars and scrapping every bits I could to pay for the luxurious item, it is here!

Surprise Chart

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Those are all the pages of my new chart. I’m going to try not to give too many spoilers on what chart I got. For now, it’s a complete surprise. I know. It’s such an evil thing to do. MUUUHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

This might be a little cheat, but I had to show of my gorgeous fabric.

Wren Fabric

The fabric is big, but I did need it. Also, I buy my supplies from and this was the closest I could get to fitting my stitch pattern. You might have to take a couple inches off of the height and width to equal the size for the project. I have a good amount of space on the edges.

Wren Fabric 2

This was the first time I bought hand-dyed fabric and my first time working on 28ct fabric. I really like the color and I’m hoping I choose something to pair well with the stitch. The holes in the fabric are quite visible to me too. I guess I expected to have issues with that.

Surprise Colors

Colors, colors everywhere! I got so many new colors to add to my thread box. The project calls for well over 80 colors. I’m glad project cards aren’t that expensive.

And finally…I wasn’t going to bring this project to light without showing a bit of it stitched haha.

Surprise (091116)

This is 800 stitches. I kept the needle in for possible comparison.

Up Close of Surprise

This is a close up shot because you couldn’t really see the color from so far away.

I’m very excited about this new project. I do think this is “the one”. The other stitch project I can work on when I need a break from AF4. I’ve been hoping to have a rotation. Hehe, rotation. It sounds good.

By the way….

My Threads Thus Far

My updated thread box (^_^). Something so calming to see all the colors together.

Happy Colors

Seriously, why is just looking at it like an obsession?

Speaking of obsession. I might be a wee bit hooked on a K-pop group I just got introduced to. Their name is BTS and I feel guilty for never listening to them. I’m a Big Bang, VIP, gal haha. I’m not in the dark though. I know my groups. I just know older groups lol. I don’t really keep up with the new groups. I don’t really like their sound.

Well one day, a very slow work day, I was clicking around and saw this.

I thought I was lost lol. I even said “I’m lost…I need to go back to Big Bang to get my head right”. Little did I know I found myself clicking on other videos.

It was this video that made the ship and didn’t break it (OMFG the second guy in the cop uniform gave me life. How did I even stand a chance seeing him in a cop uniform. Don’t get me started on the third guy in the glasses and office wear). I have to say, they are interesting. They have a good sound. Relatively young group. They’re in their early 20s (one of the members is 19). It shows in their lyrics and mannerisms. Still, they have me interested.

Though…I might like them because of other visual reasons than their music lol. No, no, no, no. I like their music. It just doesn’t hurt they’re gorgeous.

I’m going to dedicate a page soon to my love of Korean things. It’s not only the music I like. I am an avid Korean drama lover and enjoy a lot of their culture. I hope to visit South Korea someday and bump into an idol. *Ahem* Preferably Taeyang from Big Bang.


What? Don’t judge me…I CAN DREAM!

*whispers sadly* I can dream.

Have a good one,



7 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. What a great and HUGE new start! I can’t wait to see what it is. You picked some gorgeous fabric, so I’m guessing maybe something where the background istn’t stitched?

    • Hehe, I can’t answer that right now. You’ll just have to wait and see (^_^). I debated quite a while on choosing fabric. I’m glad I did pick this one.

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