Such A Shortie

Not much to say for this post. Things have been going well. I’m happy to have finished this column of AF4.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 13.3 (100916)

The next column is part of the middle of the stitch. Which is where I originally started way below this top section. There’s only 3 more columns to go. Well not until I’m done lol. Just until I’m matched up with the bottom stitch. I can then start to fill in the middle of the upper-left corner of the AF4 stitch! I’m sooo excited (^_^).

Here’s my new favorite song…and yes I’m still stuck on some BTS lol. I know the names of them now. Progress. They’re also coming out with new music, so it’s a good time to get into them. Big Bang will be doing their military service soon…*cry cry*…so while I wait for them I guess BTS is a nice diversion.

Happy Stitching!



5 thoughts on “Such A Shortie

  1. Congrats on the column finish! I love how you are still trodding on with this project, although you DO keep promising us some great crafty news that never seem to come! :p

    • I mean yeah, you did tease us with a bit of stitching and that BUNCH of colours last time around, but I still am curious what it will be! xD

      • Haha. I have no more surprises at the moment. Just going to have to keep you curious with the new stitch. AF4 has become too precious for me not to continue lol. Very happy I found something to mix in with the new stitch. They’ll keep me going for a LLOONNGGG time.

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