8 Pages Down, AF4

I’m glad to present the hard work of finishing 8 pages of my AF4 cross stitch project!

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 13.6 (012917)

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 13.6a

You know what that means? I’m done with this row and making my way down.

Here’s what AF4 looks like now:

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 13.6b

I have three more sections to go until I’m done this upper corner of AF4. I know I said I didn’t want to make stitching goals, but I would like to complete this new section by the end of the year.  I’m optimistic.

Let’s see the specs of AF4 so far are:

  • 8 out 80 pages finished. (72 pages left)
  • 40,000 stitches stitched. (I still haven’t added the stitches from the upward stitching. I will add them as pages go. Also, I’m sure I’m missing a few on the count because I can’t remember what I did when I first started. I think I did it by page, but not too sure. It seems to line up okay, but you never know.)

I’m very happy about finishing this section. Can’t wait to mush on (^_^).

Happy Stitching,




4 thoughts on “8 Pages Down, AF4

  1. Congrats on the page finish – looking at your whole progress like that it looks really cool, and I’m pretty sure you will be able to meet your goal this year! Those next few pages look exciting too….will you be stitching her face? 😀

    • I went “wow” when I opened it up and took the full picture. You don’t realize how much you’ve done until you’ve seen it put out there. I think this full row will incorporate her face (^_^). Part of it at least. Thank you for the encouragement. Let’s hope I can finish it this year.

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