SS, Page 1 Done

You read that right. A page of SS has been completed.

Surprise WIP 1.3

Is that more color coming through? You bet your sweet behind there’s some more color coming.

This completed page has 5200 stitches. and there are 142 pages left to work on. Yes! I gave you a little information on SS. It has a total of 143 pages. I do think that in the next couple of pages it’ll make it very impossible to keep the stitch as a surprise. (^_^).

Keep on stitching!



4 thoughts on “SS, Page 1 Done

    • It is that and then some. It’s 36 x 54. The pattern I have calls for less than that though. When I bought the fabric it was the biggest one I could buy at the time. The other sizes didn’t even come close to the size I needed. Again, not a loss. I like the freedom of the space.

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