Mixing Columns

March started with an overload of work-related stress. It made stitching take a back seat at the beginning of the month. I’ll be honest, I really want to take a vacation right about now. Just a little mental break. Like a three-day weekend. Boy, that sounds really good right now. I probably won’t do something like that until midweek of April. I can fantasize about all the sleep and stitching for now.


Here is what I’ve stitched over the past couple of weeks.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 14

I apologize for the picture. I realized too late this might not be the best photo of the new stitches.

I’ve switched from stitching one column (which is 100 stitches/section and around 8-full sections a column) to two columns at once. What you’re seeing are 6 sections, or 600 stitches. Which isn’t too bad for being busy this month.

I started stitching two columns on the Surprise Stitch and wanted to try it with AF4.  The transition from SS to AF4 posed tiresome in the first 100 stitches. On the last stitching of SS, SS had about 8 different colors to stitch. Doing two columns for SS seemed practical. AF4…not so much. AF4 has around 15 different color changes right now. So…the first 100 stitches of these two columns took some time to get. Once I got it, I think I like doing two columns. I’ll probably stitch with it. *Har har har*

I miss stitching on SS! I’m not switching to SS. I plan to continue stitching AF4 for next post. I have to at least finish these columns. It’s motivation for me to stitch faster haha.

*By the way, I’m reading Pema Chodron’s “How to Meditate” and I remember someone recommended it here last year. I want to say thank you to whoever recommended this book. I really love it (^_^). It’s very enlightening and mind expanding. I wish I read it when you suggested it earlier.*

Happy Stitching!



4 thoughts on “Mixing Columns

  1. Looking good! I know what you mean about being overwhelmed and not getting enough stitching time. It will get better. SO glad you’re enjoying Pema Chödron’s book! I love her – such a wise and very real woman.

    • Elheyl, I thought it was you who had recommended the book! I just couldn’t find the comment where you had haha. Thank you, for the recommendation. She is very wise.

      • Yes – would that we could all be like her. I struggle with meditation, going in fits and spurts. Maybe some year I’ll actually settle down and make it a regular thing. Right now stitching is my early morning “meditation”. Working on my map!

  2. I hope your work will calm down and give you some much needed breathing space soon! Until then, your stitching continues to look great ^_^

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