During Times of Sick

…you stitch.

I’ve got a cold.

It came from allergies and progressed as such. Last week was when it began. I went to the doctor this past Friday, for the cold, and he told me to go back to taking my usual allergy medications. I hadn’t taken them for a week. Bad idea, I guess. If I knew this would happen I’d have kept taking them. I take Flonase and Zyrtec. I have to take them at the same time to get any sort of relief. Once I filled up on some, they’re over the counter so no biggie getting them, and took them I instantly started feeling better. Still…the cold (nasty cough and nasal drippage thing. Haha, gross I’m sorry!) is still not so much fun.

I do have a show-n-tell.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 14.2

There is a column and a half left for this current page. I can’t wait to finish them so I can trade off on the Surprise Stitch. I’m tired of all the blue/green color scheme. SS here I come!

Stay well all and keep on stitching!



Stay Woke

Yay! It’s finished. The columns I previously showed off.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 14.1

Really got the hang of stitching two columns at a time. Very happy about that. I’ve started stitching on the next two columns and realized I only have one and a half columns left to stitch after the two I’m stitching now. Then, page done! I think stitching this way is faster for me. Maybe I just think it is. Well…I guess if I can do both columns in two weeks then it would be faster? Hmm.

This is a short post. Therefore, I’m going to share my favorite song at the moment. It’s by Childish Gambino and it’s called “Redbone”. Love the vibe of it and that album cover is amazing. Please be aware that it does have some explicit lyrics.

Keep on Stitching!