Stay Woke

Yay! It’s finished. The columns I previously showed off.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 14.1

Really got the hang of stitching two columns at a time. Very happy about that. I’ve started stitching on the next two columns and realized I only have one and a half columns left to stitch after the two I’m stitching now. Then, page done! I think stitching this way is faster for me. Maybe I just think it is. Well…I guess if I can do both columns in two weeks then it would be faster? Hmm.

This is a short post. Therefore, I’m going to share my favorite song at the moment. It’s by Childish Gambino and it’s called “Redbone”. Love the vibe of it and that album cover is amazing. Please be aware that it does have some explicit lyrics.

Keep on Stitching!



6 thoughts on “Stay Woke

  1. Very pretty! I admire you for having the patience to do the parking method for stitching. I could never be that patient and usually stitch by color.

    • Thank you. I admire you for being able to stitch by color! I’m too obsessed with worrying that I’ll miss a stitch or do too many…anxiety fills my head on the mere thought of stitching by color.

  2. Looks great! I really like the colours of this section, but I guess you must be getting tired of them by now…

    • I am haha. Can’t wait to be done with this page so I can work on SS. Love the colors too…just need a different scheme to work on.

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