During Times of Sick

…you stitch.

I’ve got a cold.

It came from allergies and progressed as such. Last week was when it began. I went to the doctor this past Friday, for the cold, and he told me to go back to taking my usual allergy medications. I hadn’t taken them for a week. Bad idea, I guess. If I knew this would happen I’d have kept taking them. I take Flonase and Zyrtec. I have to take them at the same time to get any sort of relief. Once I filled up on some, they’re over the counter so no biggie getting them, and took them I instantly started feeling better. Still…the cold (nasty cough and nasal drippage thing. Haha, gross I’m sorry!) is still not so much fun.

I do have a show-n-tell.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 14.2

There is a column and a half left for this current page. I can’t wait to finish them so I can trade off on the Surprise Stitch. I’m tired of all the blue/green color scheme. SS here I come!

Stay well all and keep on stitching!



2 thoughts on “During Times of Sick

  1. I had it when allergies team up with colds and make your life miserable! Good for you making the best of it and stitch, great progress.

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