About Me

I’m Waffu and this is my first time wandering into the blogosphere. I’m just an everyday female-eccentric overachiever, at the age of 29. I’m in a heavy love-love relationship with procrastination. Plus, I think distraction and I are having an affair? I’m not entirely sure.

As I’ve stepped into this strange new kiwi-colored world, I completely welcome and embrace finding other people who’d be interested in what I might be interested in or vice-verse. I love finding new hobbies and I don’t shy from jumping right in because hobbying is extremely fun (^_^).

Originally, I created this blog to keep up with my cross stitching. I love cross stitching. But, I also love digitally coloring, drawing, writing, and reading. I actually couldn’t limit myself. I find new things to try all the time. So why should I be limited to just one hobby? I shouldn’t and I won’t. When I think about it…this could never be a “focused” blog because I’m not so “focused” myself.




6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. How did you start cross stitching? I don’t really know anyone my age who does. My family makes me feel like some old lady, I crochet as well.

    • Let’s see…I would have to say I did it when I was a mini and then picked it back up in 2013. Reason being, it was something fun to start again. Can’t say it hasn’t been fun either (^_^). I’m the youngest, in my “real world” circle, who does stitch. I know quite a few people from work who are older that do and that’s who I usually talk to about stitching in my daily life. I’ve never categorized it as a young or old thing to do. Don’t feel like some old lady. If you like it, you like it!

  2. Another young person! I’m 24 and cross stitching is my main (less expensive too) hobby. Do you have a preferred stitch count? Designer?

    • You’ll be surprised that there are actually quite many people in their 20’s and 30’s who do cross stitch.

      I’m also not sure what you mean by “preferred stitch count”. Is this project size? I don’t have a specific designer, but I’m obsessed with all things Heaven and Earth designs. It’s all about getting something super big, detailed, and wonderful colors for me. Once I started in the world of big “holy cow” cross stitching…I’m unable to go back. Love at first stitch haha.

  3. I was refering to fabric count. Some of my friends stitch but they like the 14ct kits. Then there is me on 25 and 28ct stitching away. I am obsessed with HAED but I just started my first Mirabilia and love it. We have a few things in common!

    • You know, that’s totally what I thought you meant after I pressed my reply in.l *derp* I can’t go back to small count fabric anymore. This current one is the biggest I’ve worked on, 25 count, but I want to go on up to 28 count on a new stitch project. The bad thing is the Kitty Litter stitch is so close to being finished but I don’t think I can get back into it just for the small count fabric >_<. I know some Mirabilia stitchers and that's such a pretty designer to watch people stitch. You should have fun with that!

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