Blue 3D Swan

Yay to school starting and being back to normal work hours. Ugh, I couldn’t wait for this week to start already.

I’ve been wanting to show the swan I made my mother!

Here it is.

Blue Swan Angled

I’m sure this is the last 3D I’ll be doing for a while. It’ll be a new hobby, but one I would gladly try again. With this swan I used more pieces than before. I used 381 white pieces and 174 blue pieces.

Really, this swan was with red instead of blue, but my mother likes blue…so I made it blue (^_^). It’s the artistic license my friend haha. I got the tutorial for this from Girnelis from YouTube. If you want the tutorial you can find it here.

I really like his tutorials. He has some cool things to make. Though…his instruction might be difficult for some. I think you have to watch it slowly and count. I had to do a lot of pausing and rewinding. If I did this swan again I think I’d do it smaller. My wings didn’t come out so well in my opinion. I might have messed up somewhere as well (such as too many pieces and then I didn’t hold my wings and wait for the glue to dry either).

Here it is at different angles.

Blue Swan Neck

Blue Swan Front

Blue Swan Side Left

Blue Swan Angled 2

Blue Swan Back

Blue Swan Right SideWoo for 3D origami! I would suggest giving it a try if you never have. Once those pieces are finished it’s easy goings. (^_^).

Have a great week!



Ce-le-brate Good Times, Come On!

It’s Monday guys and I’m just worn out. I completed my task of doing five 3D swans and I did finish at the very last minute. Didn’t I tell you that was going to happen? The glue was even still drying when I gave them to my commissioners. Don’t worry, it was still professional. I let them know that they needed to give it a minute  before fooling around with them. They were ecstatic with the results!  I think I even surprised them with the results. Did I mention that I got paid for this too? Yes, I got paid and that was a plus all on its own.

This experience relived a couple of issues for me. I use to be very apprehensive about doing something I love, my hobbies, and do it for profit. The concept was awkward and strange. I currently do, do some digital coloring flat work for an artist friend of mine. I use to do it for fun and not get paid, but that had to change when she convinced me she had to pay me for it.  I awkwardly accepted and didn’t get use to it until I did it a couple of times. Now, I’m fine with the exchange with her. Still…with other people I wondered if it would be strange. When I started this commission it was. Once I received the money it didn’t feel that bizarre at all. There was even some satisfaction about it. I guess it takes a couple of times of something new until you get use to it.

Would I do something like this again? You know, do a hobby for money? I would. The thought is less strange and foreign. I might still have a little guilt to it, I’m sure I’ll get over it quicker now, but now I won’t have this feeling that I got paid for something I love doing. When I reread that, it doesn’t make much sense. Does it?

What do you guys think?

With the commission done, I’m free to finish my mother’s swan and do some stitching! I really miss my stitching. I plan to do some after work today. Hope I haven’t forgotten how to haha. I’m also doing some blog work. I’m going to add a couple of my hobbies to the menu along with the cross stitching.

Stitch away!



A Wee Stitch Break

I’m taking a wee stitch break.


I’ve been commissioned to make some 3D swans! I’m only making 5 of them, but they have to be complete by this coming Friday. They won’t look any different than the one I showed you guys before. They’ll just be in different colors. On top of that, I’m making a 3D gift swan for my mother as well. Her swan will be something totally different from the others.

I’ll probably be able to take pictures of my mother’s swan, but maybe not the other 5. They want them as soon as I finish. I’m still making pieces, I think I have enough for 3 1/2 swans now, but I need to get on it. I don’t have many days left. I’m probably going to end up finishing them five minutes before they want them *derp*.  The concept of being paid is interesting too. I feel weird getting money for it, but at the same time I’m not. I’ll have to report back once I’m finished.

Speaking of these 3D swans, I did make one for another coworker as a gift.

Another Coworker Swan

I thought she’d like the color and she even screamed excitedly when I gave it to her. I knew she really wanted one. After she saw the other one I gave away she couldn’t stop talking about it. I’m glad I was able to give it to her. After I did this one I said I wouldn’t make one for someone else unless I wanted to. Then, I got asked to make the 5 I’m working on now.

It’s fun making them, but it takes a lot…A LOT…of patience to make. It’s the pieces. Making them might drive the most sane person mad. When you think there’s an end to making them…you’re dead wrong and you realize you have 82,374,058,395,397,593,753 more to make! Haha, I’m kidding with that number. (^_^).

Once I finish these swans I’ll be able to get back to stitching. I can’t even get a sneak stitch in lol.

Wish me luck and have a great week!



First Try: 3D Origami

As much as I dislike advertising my woes I have to this time around.

I loathe stitching upwards. I went into it with positive thoughts and then all that came crashing down…on the first row. The maddening began on the second. With frustration, I said good-bye to it all and it’s been stored away since then.

This all happened the first day I tried…on the second line. (>__>)

I picked it back up the other day with a different approach. It’s slow to go but I’ll get the hang of it. I have a cooler head and maximum patience. I have to get the hang of it and not give up because this is the best option.

Through this I realized something. I shall never again start in the middle lol. I started in the middle with AF4 because I was terrified I’d gotten the wrong-sized fabric. I read the horror stories. I didn’t want to do all that stitch work and end up with no more fabric. I can firmly say I am not afraid of that anymore.

With my devastating lost, for now, I decided to try something new.

That new was 3D origami! I’ve always been fascinated by it, but never tried it until now. This is what I made.

3D Swan Origami 1

A small swan.

Here’s some more views of it.

Swan Side Swan Front Swan Other Side Swan Side Back    Swan Back

(I wish I could have done a video here of the views. Note to self: Figure out how to do photos in a video when you have the time)

It took me about 4 hours, I’m guesstimating because I didn’t do it all at the same time, to make 250 of those little pieces.


Then I spent another 3 hours putting the thing together. I used glue because not using it was doing me no good. Squirting liquid glue in the little holes is time consuming, but at least I’m satisfied that it won’t fall apart.

If you’re interested in doing a swan check out razcapapercraft. I followed ALL the instructions, his how to fold the pieces/do the base correctly/the swan itself, from his YouTube channel.

Specifically for how to do this swan you can go here: 3D Origami Small Swan.

I really enjoyed his tutorial and want to actually do another one some time. I bestowed my first swan upon a coworker and now I want to make more for other people (^_^). I am highly interested in 3D origami flowers though. I haven’t looked around for tutorials on them, but I will be.

Anyone out there do any 3D origami?