Dating A Q-Snap

It came in the mail two weeks ago. It wasn’t in some fancy package that said, “look at me”. The box was plain and ordinary and once it was opened, the plastic it was in was just the same. I expected something a little more. A party popper explosion and something draped in glitter, perhaps.

It wasn’t.

I don’t know what I expected really. The only thing that came out of my mouth as I stared inside that plain box was “it’s much bigger than I expected”.

Who knew that an 11×17 Q-snap would ever have my eyebrows raised so high.

My very first Q-snap.

I’m sure many of you know about the Q-snap already. Yes, even I knew about it, but I was too stubborn to even shy a glance of curiosity its way. Who needs one of those when I have my lovely hoop. Then…I got curious and ordered this one out of the blue. Seriously! Unfortunately, this funky thing didn’t come with assembly directions. (>__<).

It did come in three different parts. (This is, more or less, for all of you who have zero idea about a Q-snap. Like me!).

Qsnap 1

I did have a clue, mind you, that it had to be assembled in a squarish-shape. As I looked about all these parts, I noticed that Part B had these grooves around it.

Part B

And Part A had grooves inside it.

Part A

With some funny manipulation I got the two together.

A & B

The next part was easier. I just fiddled with the angled parts until I got my nice squarish shape.

Squarish Shape

All that was left was to put some fabric on this sucker. That…was rough. I tried SO many ways to put my fabric on. I don’t know how anyone else does it (omg guys I never once looked up how to put the fabric on until afterwards and let me tell you…google is always the best friend who has ESP and calls you when you’re at your lowest) but I just laid my fabric on top and snapped my fabric in. I don’t think this thing would work if the four snappers, or Part C, didn’t have these little gripper grooves inside.

Part C

As I’ve been using it in the past two weeks, I can’t say I could do with or without it. Yes, to all the naysayers about hoops, it does not leave a mark. (Actually it probably would if I didn’t take it out after use). That’s a plus. I don’t like how it doesn’t get as tight as I like it. It’ll be tight for a couple of minutes, but then it’ll get slack later. When it does, I try to either move the snappers and roll them or just roll the snappers to get my fabric tight. Still, I can’t get satisfied with it. I’m also not liking how the snappers move when you roll one of it’s siblings. I’m glad they have something to grip, but they don’t stay in place.

Does anyone who uses Q-snaps have suggestions about this? Maybe even a trick or two to keep the fabric tight? Maybe I’m just doing it wrong lol. I did watch a YouTube video, or two, but still no change. I might need to by a larger one?

Eh, I’m still going to use it though. It might not be my trusty hoop, but I’m happy to have tried something new for stitching. I think I’ll invest in scroll next time (^_^).

 Happy Stitching!