Filling Stitches

The previous week became its own stitching challenge. The trial of trying to relearn to stitch my usual way proved difficult. It was…unexpected. Thankful, isn’t the perfect impact word here but I will use it, was the feeling when I remembered I did create a post about my way of stitching. I was glad I made that diagram showing the direction I made my “usual” crosses. Grateful, the perfect word for my relief, when I could start stitching my usual way. If not for the diagram, I might’ve needed more time to adjust.

The stitching was slow, but I have a show of result.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 10 (090615)(I decided not to take a picture of the entire thing because you could hardly see this part)

I had a nice stride on the last 25 lines haha. Officially, I can scream from the mountaintop, “I’ve got it bitches!”. Sorry for the expletive. It sets the tone for how overjoyed I was to get my stitch game back. Now…I need to make a diagram on how I stitched upwards. Could prove useful in the future.


My only dilemma, at the moment, is I ran out of that pretty Kreinik. My own fault. I knew I needed a heck of a lot more than I had to continue stitching. I should have ordered it last week. Don’t worry, I placed an order for it with 123Stitch. I just have to wait for it now. Gah, I can’t wait for it to get here! I would just drive almost an hour to get some, but I don’t have the time for that. Ordering is easier. Even if AF4 is halted at the moment.

I’m currently debating on a new chart and stitch project. Heaven and Earth Designs is having a sale that ends tonight at midnight. Charts off 35%. Yes, I said 35%! I really can’t pass this up. Choosing is the hardest part. If you read this in time…maybe you can get yourself something too.

Anyone add to their stash lately?

Happy Stitching!



Heaven and Earth Sale! Plus a Taeyang Thing.

Today Heaven and Earth Designs is having a Father’s Day 30% off sale until the 20th of this month

Just wanted to throw that out there since I’m hoping to get Chimera Black Rose while the sale is going. It’s been one I have had my eye on for a while and said that the next time a sale comes I should just get it. I’m not too sure when I’ll be able to get the other needless things. Like fabric and floss haha. But, there’s a sale…a sale…a sale!!!!

And I’m leaving off with a Taeyang video. Lol. I just found it yesterday! I didn’t know he’d released a new one to his new album Rise. Jeez, why am I so late! And let’s not even talk about the kissing…yes I said kissing…in this video. I refuse to even really acknowledge it happened. I’m super jealous.

This is Taeyang’s 1AM MV. Enjoy and have a great weekend divas and divos.