Snowed in Mischief

Last week….I got snowed in!

It brought conflicting emotions. I love the cold and snow. Watching it fall made my day, or week if you look at the fact we had it on the ground for at least 5 days. The negative for this positive? I was unable to go to work because we were closed. It was rightly so, as there would have been a zero shot of getting anywhere in the amount of snow we got, but I still don’t like missing work. I don’t mind a day or two, but an entire work week is pushing it.

Eh, I didn’t whine about it. Instead, I was completely free to delve into my other projects like digital coloring.

I’ve had the coloring bug for a while, but not enough time to dedicate to it. In order to feed the little bugger, I enjoy spending time watching other people color/draw/dodad on If you don’t know about Picarto it’s an art stream where you can view people doing their artwork. I like to watch people color, mainly, but I have quite a few artists that I just like to watch from beginning to end of a piece. I’m such a creeper there haha. I need to make an account and stop being the coward and join the crowd. I’d love to ask my favorite artists about why they do this or that. I’d love to improve.

So, with the snow-in, I colored some lineart.

Elven Scholar Color

(A disclaimer here: I only colored this and did not draw the lines or create the character.)

I got this lineart from sonialeong from Deviantart (also goes by Sonia Leong – The original lineart is called Elven Scholar.

I had too much fun with this. I tried a different technique here with my tablet. Instead of using the usual nibs I decided to try using the hard felt nibs. The hard felt nibs provided a buffer on the smooth surface of my tablet that mimicked pencil on paper. I should have changed them a long time ago!

While coloring this, I decided to try to work on my shadows and light. I have a shadow phobia to over come. Hopefully, my transition showed. I tried not to be afraid of marking darker areas. How the undershirt came out made me proud actually. It doesn’t bad.

On my next coloring, I have one in mind already, I’m planning to try applying a texture/pattern to the clothes, work with a different color scheme (I do too many pinky purples ahaha), and try a semi-realistic approach. That’s my goal.

While we’re talking about colors, I’ve been fiddling with my blog colors hehe. I’m still fiddling. I wanted to change it up. So, in the next week it might change again. (^_^)

Stay warm.




Digital Coloring – Miss-placed

I colored.

*I did in no way draw the lineart shown below, nor did I ink it. I just added colors to the image, that’s all*

Miss-placed Colors

This isn’t just any color. This is probably one of the biggest I’ve done. There’s soooo many layers that went into this, as well as time and effort. I was really scared to take on the challenge. I got this lineart from Miserie from DeviantArt.  The original lineart is called Miss-placed.  Originally it’s of the character Stormer from Jem. I had not one idea about Jem, but I liked the character’s look. She’s flamboyantly colored and I loved her blue hair. I tried to keep true to what she looked like, but added my own flare. I decided to make her a total diva. Which has it’s own bad girl image. I refrained from the facial markings, that I am assuming makes her Stormer, because it didn’t go with what I was trying to color.

When it comes to coloring, I try to always go with bright and a little soft in colors. I’m not sure on my style, yet, but it can be summed to that. I want to go a bit realistic in terms of quality. I hope that practice will get me there. For this, I’m most proud of the see-through veil in the back, the shoes, plant in her hair, and texture of the clothes. I’m not that proud of the background, arm band, and jewelry. I’m most disappointed with the background. I usually do a nice background. Here…I had no idea what to do with it. And I tried. I just could not come up with anything. It’s just too busy. I tried to blur it, but I still don’t like it.

I learned quite a bit about myself through working on this. One, I love coloring! Two, I need to get some confidence in myself when I color because if I don’t I will never move forward and be where I want. Three, I’m really terrified of using hard shadows. I did have them in this work. I just deleted that entire layer because I think it looked awful.  I was too chicken to leave it in. Four, I have to take my time on hair. Hair…omg hair…is rough. It’ll forever be something I need to continually work on.

I just have to push on. I’ll get better as long as I keep practicing. I can’t get discouraged. If I didn’t push myself to finish this properly, I probably never would have finished it. And it’s kind of scary to go pass your comfort barrier.

It’s a strange and magical place to step foot into.

Have a great week guys.


Digital Coloring – Meep

I didn’t do any cross stitching the past week. Too busy and no free time. I did, however, do something a bit different over the weekend. I colored!

It’s a hobby, but I really love digitally coloring things. Luckily for me, DeviantArt is a great source to find lineart to color. (I can be found via waffumonsta on the website btw.) I usually don’t finish a lot of what I start to color, hello does that ever sound familiar for me, but I did start and finish something!

*I did in no way draw the lineart shown below, nor did I ink it. I just added colors to the image, that’s all*

Meep Colors

I love the colors! I wanted to do something warm. I almost gave up on the hair, but glad I didn’t. I ought to practice coloring more.

The original lineart is called Meep Lineart by x-Beyond-B.