Holiday HAED Giveaway WINNER!

We have the first Holiday HAED Giveaway winner!

Before the winner is announced, I would like to thank everyone who participated. There will be more giveaways in 2016, trust me, so if you didn’t win this time look forward to at least two giveaways this year coming.

Now on to the winner of this Holiday HAED Giveaway!!!!!!2015 Holiday HAED Giveaway Winner!The winner is #2 from the Entries list and the winner is…*drum roll*…..tontaybla! Congratulations, you’ve won a HAED chart of your choice for the holidays! Please check your e-mail later in the day with winning details (^_^).

This has been a complete blast to do. As this was the first one, I would actually love a critique or some helpful hints on doing the next one. Suggestions are so welcomed as well.

Again, thanks for all those who entered this Giveaway and congrats to tontaybla!