I hadn’t felt like stitching this past month, but I did finish a column for the Surprise stitch.

Surprise (110616)

Here’s a bit more of a closeup to see the colors.

Surprise Up Close 2

Love these colors. This is the stitch I’ve been looking for all this time. It compliments AF4 so well. The color schemes are the right amount of opposite for me to flip between the both and not get bored. All I can say is…FINALLY!

The Surprise and AF4 stitches are my first rotation cross stitch projects. Goodness. You do realize I can stick with these for quite a while right? I mean…it’ll take years to finish. You ready for that commitment? Lol.

Holidays are a’coming. Thanksgiving isn’t very far and Christmas is around the corner as well. I plan to take a long vacation for Thanksgiving and an even longer one for Christmas. I’m excited about it because I can get in a ton of stitch time. Right now, I only can stitch on the weekends. Usually a Saturday gives me ample time to do a good lazy day of stitching. If I can plan it that way. I would love to plan it that way haha. Other things muddle the works sometime.

Does anyone have rotational stitches? I don’t plan to “plan” when to stitch Surprise and AF4, because I love the freedom of feeling like one or the other when it’s time, but I do wonder if you guys have a plan with stitching projects when there’s more than one. When’s your best time to stitch?

Leaving you with an oldie, but goodie Korean song now. Gosh, I can’t believe how long I been in the Korean music game. I feel old sometimes haha. My love for all things Asian began when I was a wee doll in the year 1996 and I was introduced to anime (*ahem* the original Sailor Moon was a must after school and Dragon Ball). Then manga, live dramas, yaoi manga, and then music. I think that’s how it all flowed. Goodness knows you can’t part me from my yaoi manga and dramas! Haha.

Enjoy your days,



Such A Shortie

Not much to say for this post. Things have been going well. I’m happy to have finished this column of AF4.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 13.3 (100916)

The next column is part of the middle of the stitch. Which is where I originally started way below this top section. There’s only 3 more columns to go. Well not until I’m done lol. Just until I’m matched up with the bottom stitch. I can then start to fill in the middle of the upper-left corner of the AF4 stitch! I’m sooo excited (^_^).

Here’s my new favorite song…and yes I’m still stuck on some BTS lol. I know the names of them now. Progress. They’re also coming out with new music, so it’s a good time to get into them. Big Bang will be doing their military service soon…*cry cry*…so while I wait for them I guess BTS is a nice diversion.

Happy Stitching!


Stitching with the Olympics

The 2016 Olympics are here.

I’ve been so excited about this since January. I get so riled up and patriotic during the weeks of the Olympics. I watch everything. I might not know anything about the sport, but gosh golly I watch it!

I’m not a sporty girl at all. The only sport I generally follow is Mixed Martial Arts. MMA…has…been…disappointingly to me (too much doping going on and foolishness in my most loved sport) and the Olympics has lifted me up. So much greatness out there. I think of all their dedication and hard work. I think of what it took to be the best and to represent their county. Wanting to win that gold for your country. All that heart…it’s overwhelming. I support my country 100% , but I’ll still cheer for other countries (well if they aren’t against the USA haha).

I saw Michael Phelps’ last race and saw a great go down in history as still number one. I remember seeing him in 2000. It’s so unbelievable. We’ll see if he really means to retire. He seems dead set on this being it, but you never know. Still…it’s been a joy to watch him all these years and I’m glad to have been able to.

It’s a great time to be alive people

Of course I’ve been putting in some stitch time. I finished another column!

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 13.1 (081416)

I love the reds in her black hair. They pop so well. You can’t really see it well here, I’m still struggling taking photos of the project haha, but it does pop. I also enjoy the vivid color change because I’m soooo over the blue/green scheme.

By the way…my Big Bang obsession is on overload. I just can’t get enough of this video. The girl…random fan…she did amazing. Not to mention Taeyang looks just gorgeous! His stage voice is just perfection. Goodness. I’d have just died if I were her. This was his first solo with a woman and I just think they did so beautifully. Go her for singing with her idol and kicking ass.

Have a wonderful day!


Onwards, Upwards, and Big Bang on the Side

There’s not much to say this blog post about stitching. This is going to be a heavy YouTube post though.

I did finish stitching one more page to AF4 though.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 9.1 (071215)

I have two more pages to go and then no more upwards stitching. It’s not too bad once you get the hang of it. At least I can say I wouldn’t be overwhelmed with doing it, if I have to do it again.

Now I’m going to share a favorite recent song from my favorite K-pop group Big Bang from their new Made series album called “Bang Bang Bang”. (This is the dance practice video, but I’m putting the official music video further down the page.) Before I show the video, there are five members in the group and at about 13 seconds into the video you can see all five. The rest of the people are backup dancers.

Omg, I just can’t get enough of them! For all not familiar; you have G-Dragon (The guy in the shorts and hat. Hehe, he so would be the only one. In the official music video I can’t take my eyes off him), T.O.P (The tallest member of the five with his hair spiked up and has too much swag to dance. Seriously, he doesn’t need to because he’s got such vibe it doesn’t even matter :-p. Besides, that voice sends earthquakes), Taeyang (The one wearing the blue button up and hat. I’d be a Taeyang groupie if I could, no lie. He gives me life, I swear), Seungri (He’s got the short silver hair. I find all the members attractive in their own way, but he had me switching from Taeyang on this and the official music video. Yep, I’m a sucker), and Daesung (Has the brown hair and starts singing at 1:28. Can’t get enough of his voice. I’m glad you can see his eyes here because in the official music video his haircut covers them).

I quite enjoy the dance practice video for “Bang Bang Bang” because you get to see the boys work. When you watch them dance their personalities match with their moves. Hypnotizing to say the least. They just make me smile. They’re just too…dreamy?…adorable?…I don’t know if there’s a word but it makes me totally fangirl out.

Here’s the official music video (^_^) . I love both videos, but I watch the dance one more. Beware that it’s a pretty crazy music video.

I’m very happy they came out with their new album during their World Tour. They have more music videos to go with their new songs and I fell for them all. I was hoping to go see them in New Jersey, as that’s the closest US venue to me, but the tickets for where I want to sit is expensive. I also totally missed the ticket open date, so of course the sales of ticket prices are higher. Then I factored in everything else I have to pay for: gas, car rental, hotel, and ticket…and decided to not go. It’s actually sad because I get this feeling this will probably be their last concert together.

To see them in person would probably give me a heart attack. I can’t even talk about my mini thought of catching them walking around accidentally around New Jersey. I’d just die. It’s that serious! Big Bang would be the only celebs to ever do it for me. Eh, I might flip out over some other Korean stars too. I’m just not susceptible to being star-struck over well-known American celebs.

Hey, don’t give me that look. I’m not crazy. You can’t tell me you don’t have at least one celebrity that if they were standing right next to you, you wouldn’t lose your crap? That you’d forget to breath? Not a one?

Before I leave, here’s one more video from them called “Bad Boy”. It’s an old song and still good (like ALL of their older songs). I’d totally do a complete Big Bang video post, but even I’m not that insane. I love too many of their songs and videos.  I’m sharing this one because I actually learned all the words for it. I can sing-a-long perfectly to it.

Well…even if I love me some Big Bang, for now I’d rather keep the money I was going to spend to see them, save it, and see someone who’s super important to me later down the road. (^_^)

Have a wonderful week everyone!


Heaven and Earth Sale! Plus a Taeyang Thing.

Today Heaven and Earth Designs is having a Father’s Day 30% off sale until the 20th of this month

Just wanted to throw that out there since I’m hoping to get Chimera Black Rose while the sale is going. It’s been one I have had my eye on for a while and said that the next time a sale comes I should just get it. I’m not too sure when I’ll be able to get the other needless things. Like fabric and floss haha. But, there’s a sale…a sale…a sale!!!!

And I’m leaving off with a Taeyang video. Lol. I just found it yesterday! I didn’t know he’d released a new one to his new album Rise. Jeez, why am I so late! And let’s not even talk about the kissing…yes I said kissing…in this video. I refuse to even really acknowledge it happened. I’m super jealous.

This is Taeyang’s 1AM MV. Enjoy and have a great weekend divas and divos.

My Korean Addiction: Taeyang

What you’ve just listened to is one of my Korean addictions. The lovely Taeyang‘s single “Eyes, Nose, Lips” from is new album Rise.

My story on this is…I’ve been a fan of all things Korean since 2005. Yes, it is very true. I love k-dramas, Korean fashion and food, and Kpop. I really love the culture.

I could go into more detail, but this post is a total interlude to spread my love, and respect, to the artist Taeyang, aka Young-bae. To those who may not know who he is…he’s a singer from the Korean boy group Big Bang. There are five members of this group and they ALL have their own solo works, which is awesome, but when they come together it’s just like musical magic. When I first heard them in my early years I knew I’d be lost in this group forever. It might not be forever, but I’m still a total fan of all they do. (I’m waiting for their CD to come out this year actually lol). But, I was very excited to know that Taeyang would be coming out with a new solo album. His previous one, Solar, was fantastic! His voice is just magical. He generally has a R&B tone that you can just feel even if you don’t understand the words.

Now, his album came out on June 2nd, this I knew about. What I didn’t know was we’d get this awesome music video for one of his songs beforehand! I had no idea about this lol. And it actually took a while for the songs to come out on ITunes. Even so, I have to highly praise the album. I think if you’ve never heard of Big Bang or Taeyang you should totally check both out. Especially, Taeyang’s new album. Seriously…why is the first song, the intro, not longer!!! Omg ^_^ I’m just dying over how great the entire album is. He poured his heart into this thing.

I’m going to have Rise on repeat for a few days, this I know.

And I’m going to leave this off with another music video from his Solar album, “Wedding Dress” because I totally love the video. *swoons*