Coming Soon…

a major surprise for my blog followers (^_^).

While you guys wait for it, I’ll update you about my neck.

I’ve got whiplash. That’s right…whiplash. And it is no picnic in the park honey.

I didn’t give much detail to you guys last Monday. So, let me spill a little on what happened.  On November 14th, I choked on some food and had a heck of a time getting that sucker out. I’m not going into the bloody details, but from all the coughing, and etc., that was necessary to get the food out, I strained my neck. Therefore, whiplash. My doctor’s nurse practitioner told me I was lucky I didn’t break a rib with the way my neck felt.

I’m currently on some muscle relaxers, that don’t work and I’ve already called about that, and on little-to-no sleep. Every time I try to lay down I get an awful migraine, even sitting up I still have the migraine, and I can’t get comfortable. The F.N.P. didn’t give me a neck brace and I’ve also left a message about that. I’m hoping to be some what functional and in a much better mood once the holidays come this week. Right now, I’m an irritated, uncomfortable, tired, and ticked off Waffu.

For my sake, have a wonderful week, a happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it), and look out for this weeks surprise! I’m excited about it. You should be too!



That Surprise I Mentioned

When you’re feeling 100% after you’ve felt less than 20%, you think you can run around the world 24,824 times. Even if you can barely run 2 miles.

It’s amazing the abuse your body takes when you’re sick. I don’t get sick often, maybe twice in a year, and I can appreciate how I normally feel. Allergies and all haha. I’d rather have a stuffy nose all the time than a fever, chills, sore throat, migraine, and nausea. Yes, I love you stuffy nose. I won’t say a bad thing about you ever again. Well…not for at least 2 weeks (^_^).

Now, on to that good news.

I finally have a full-time job! After all the years of school and working part-time for so long, I’ve finally started my career. Not to say my last job wasn’t a big step into my career, but now I’m secure to move forward. The job has amazing benefits and I am getting more than I thought I’d get. Not only that, but I’m where I want to be with future slots for promotion. I can’t believe it, even with almost three weeks in my belt.

It’s surreal.

I feel like I’m entering a wonderful new adventure here. Finally, I can get my own car and move to my own place. I can do what I want and have more goals than just hoping to get a full-time job. I don’t even know what to think of my new freedom, or the freedom I will have. My goal has been to be on my own and live how I want. Get away from the negative that has clouded and almost suffocated everything I had in me. It’s terrifying, but I’ve wanted this to happen for so long that I’m grateful for this opportunity and I won’t spoil it.

I won’t.

There are so many possibilities out there. Sometimes you just have to grab it and don’t disregard it when the time comes. It’s actually interesting that all of this came about when I was at the height of positivity. Well to me, before I saw the advertisement for the job, I felt that everything was going wonderful. Felt like it was my time. Then I applied and BOOM now I am here. Feeling wonderful and appreciative. Then I remember that I’m still on my continual self-exploration journey. I know it takes practice and if I’m honest some times I don’t practice. When I don’t I know it, but when I do the outcomes surprise me.

Have you ever had a time in your life that was surreal? You were so elated that it had to be a dream?



Bunches of Crazy

It’s felt like forever since I last blogged. It’s been all kinds of crazy on my end with stress. It hit me I was not where I thought I’d be in my life, a coworker left to start a new path for himself (though I was very happy for him, his leaving did have an impact), my sister was going to England with someone she didn’t really know for 10 days (she’s back now and she’s perfectly fine with lots of wonderful memories to share), I started working some super crazy hours that messed up my entire sleep/wake schedule, and I couldn’t meditate properly.

Does that sound bad? It wasn’t. Sounds crazy? I know! Just hear me out.

I hadn’t really been “stressed” out since I begun my self reflection journey began at the end of March. Normally, since March, I’ve learned not to sweat the little, and big, things. Some times it’s better to just let things go if not for your own well being. This time, I had a really hard time of doing that because everything hit me at the same time. I wasn’t able to catch a break. Things were spiraling out of my control. I even got physically ill from the stress. When the nausea and lost of appetite came I reached out for help.

I spoke with my ever lovely guide, the one I spoke about that helped me on my journey in March, and she made me aware that it was a part of my new self growth. With this growth, I’ll encounter new experiences that I would have reacted to differently before I took on my journey. The only difference is that now I have better tools to use than what I had before. I just had to learn to use those tools.

The tool for me this time was acceptance. I had to accept I was stressed out because at that point I wasn’t. I’d always had problems with accepting my feelings and coming to terms that it’s okay to have normal emotions. To make an incredibly long story short, it’s the way I grew up. My emotions really didn’t matter much and I grew up thinking that to be true. Now, I’m older and I realize I have emotions and if I want to feel this or that way it’s perfectly fine. How I react to something is normal and shouldn’t be based off how someone else would react. Accepting that I was stressed out, even if I was once taught to “man up” and get over it, is normal. This goes for all my other emotions. You feel how you feel and you should never be ashamed of that. When I accepted my feelings, I felt better. I was still stressed out. I just felt spiritually better.

Self reflection is quite the journey. I can’t lie and say that this isn’t scary because it is. I’m getting closer with myself and I really like the changes, but the process can be overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, it’s made me happier in a way that I never knew I could ever achieve. I really thought depression/hate/anxiety/despair would always control my life. Now…I wonder why I let all that consume me in the first place. If it got me to where I am now, should I even care?

I dare say nay! With the biggest smile on my face (^_^).

Enough of the sourness. I do have something pretty cool to share now.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 9.3 (082315)

Yes! I’ve completed my stitch upwards. I’m at the top of my pattern. There’s a lot of specialty thread at the top. I actually have to remember to order some more. I’ve got enough to last me for now though. It’s the one I couldn’t get to shimmer in the pictures that I showed you before. I was able to get a better picture of it this time though.

Special Thread Glimmer

It’s Kreinik #4 and it’s gorgeous. Still a pain in my butt to use. I did use some beeswax (thank you Maia T. for the wonderful advice) with the thread and worked like a charm when threading and keeping it from unraveling.

I have some blogs to catch up on haha. For now, have a wonderful week and just have your positive and share it.


Remembering to Breathe

I challenged myself last week to try Day 1 of Adriene’s “30 Days of Yoga” journey.

Taking on Day 1 was completely spontaneous. One day, after work, I was listening to music and the urge to do yoga just came. I didn’t want to learn the pose foundations, as I have been doing up to now, but some actual changing-into-different-types-of-poses-to-flow-and-calm type of yoga. My inner me was cheering for it and the energy was there. So, I put on my yoga outfit, did a little stretching, sat down, and watched the video. Nothing could stop me.

Well…nothing really did haha. Sorry that’s so lackluster. I made it through. It wasn’t a pretty making it through, but I finished it on day one just fine. What made it not so pretty? Well, and this just might sound silly to some of you, I just forgot how to breathe. It’s not a joke. I exhausted myself because I wasn’t breathing properly. I got extremely tired not even halfway through and had to take a break. I felt fine physically. I just couldn’t catch my breath.

While I sat there confused on my carpeted floor, I remembered when I began running in 2013. Years ago, you couldn’t even get me to do a whole minute of running. Now, I can almost run two miles without stopping. That accomplishment took incredible determination and focus. You’d be surprised how much there is to learn about running. There’s your posture, the correct spot to try to land your foot, wearing the right shoes, and breathing to take into consideration. All of them can greatly increase the ease of running. It took me a long time to step on the bottom of my feet correctly. It took me even longer to manage my breathing. When I run, I found that what works for me best is to sing/hum to a song while I run. This eases my breathing correctly and lets me run longer. If I don’t have music I must remember to exhale from my stomach. That’s the breathing techniques that worked for me when I run now.

Once I remembered all this during my break, I resumed the video and focused on breathing. And guess what? It was still difficult, but I wasn’t out of breath or as exhausted. There were moments, like when Adriene says don’t panic and I totally panicked, but I remembered to…just breathe…and it had such a calming effect.

Practicing what I learned that first day has been paying off. I did Day 1, three times last week. This week I’m going to move to Adriene’s Day 2. I think instead of doing it by day I’ll work it by week.

Now if only I could remember to breathe when I’m doing TurboFire. Now that’s a whole other thing haha.

Have a wonderful week everyone. Did you learn anything new about yourself the past week?


Yoga and Stitch

It’s been a great past week. Hope it’s been for everyone else.

Yoga practice has been going really well. I’m still finding it hard to keep a seated position for long, but my hips and knees are very tight. I’ve still been following Adriene’s playlist on foundations. She’s very spirited about her yoga practice. It has been a complete joy to follow her instruction. I really enjoy how she adds humor into her videos. The light laughter I might do enhances my relaxation.

I’ve been focusing on the Bound Angle Pose, or the Baddha Konasana, because it’s opened my hips fantastically.

I’ve been using a thick folded blanket and slipping it behind me for my hip comfort. By the way, I  miswrote last time when I said “pain” when describing the discomfort in my hips and knees. It’s not painful. I would not intentionally cause pain on my body. It’s just minor discomfort in the positions.

Yoga aside, I finished stitching that column on AF4.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 8.4 (042615)(Photo is wonky looking because I was experimenting with Photoshop.)

Not much, I know, but I’m glad to move on. I won’t finish the last 4 columns before the beginning of next month. Oh well. It’s not going to stop me from stitching. (^_^).

Remember when I mentioned the mistake I made with my parking by running that nasty looking dark thread all the way down through the light ones in the back? Well I remembered to take a photo of it finally.

Cross Stitch No-No

It’s a hideous thing! Don’t make my mistake if you take pride in the back of your project. (>__<)

I have a terrifically wonderful feeling about this week. There’s much to do and my mind is focused. Wonder what I’ll accomplish. What will you?

Until next time!




Balancing Mind and Body

It’s the beginning of a new week and I realize that May is right around the corner. I hoped to be complete with this AF4 page but I’ve been slow to stitch on it this past week. That’s because I’ve been exploring meditation and yoga.

Yes, you heard right…meditation and yoga!

I learned the basics from when I was self searching and hadn’t mingled it back into my daily life yet. Last week I needed a moment of clarity and sought out meditation. When I tried hunkering back into it, I had a wandering mind and it was very hard to focus on breathing and just relaxing the body. Lets be honest…I couldn’t even remember how to breathe correctly (the way I learned was to inhale from stomach, to sternum, to top of sternum and exhale the opposite way). I gave up 15 minutes into it the first time I tried last week. It was disappointing because it felt like my body was fighting with my mind and vice-verse. It’s not a good way to find your calm. I thought about what the problem could be and I figured I needed to try and balance mind and body. The best way to do that is with some yoga.

Unable to remember so much from my searching weeks, I gave Youtube a chance. That’s  when I found the little delight known as Adriene. Her channel’s called Yoga with Adriene and she provides really nice yoga videos to help even the beginners in us all. I would like to take her 30-day Yoga Challenge, but when I tried Day 1 I was unable to do the movements and poses properly. That’s okay though! Adriene has the perfect thing for building the foundations. It’s a nice little playlist, here, that compiles instructions on how to do poses that are frequently used with the yoga practice. Once I can find my calm I’ll try the 30-day Challenge. The most important thing is to “find what feels good”. (Ahem, Adriene says that a lot but I love it because it’s true!)

Yoga is a work in progress. I feel myself struggling to have everything to work as one. I have problems even crossing my legs because if feels painful, but at the same time when I relax, breathe, and come together….I don’t feel the pain. I had problems with this when I initially began it in the first place on my journey. Once you learn how to let everything work together it’s such a pleasant feeling, very euphoric, when it happens.

I really never thought that I’d be into yoga and never believed that it can work, a skeptic at its best, but now my opinion has changed. It’s worth a try if you’ve never tried. I can now properly mediate longer, 25 minutes, as well after doing some yoga. It’s done wonders for my mood. I feel super cheery. A natural high. Can I say that? (^_^).

Now as I stated before, AF4 hasn’t been stitched much but here’s an update on her.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 8.3 (041915)

I’m super glad I’m back to the 10 stitch row! I flow better this way. If I find ample enough time, I’m sure to see a faster stitching pace.  Ah guys, I feel so amazing that I hope you all pull together and feel amazing too this week.