The Raid 2 is Amazing

Hi guys!

I’m doing much better the beginning of this week. I think I had strep throat. No, I didn’t go to the doctor to see if I did. I just know how it feels to have strep. My voice is still cracking every now and again, but the worst of it is over. Don’t you hate being sick? I’m like a little baby the entire time. I usually only get sick like this twice in  a year. I had strep earlier this year and then now. That means I’m not due to be very sick  until next year hehe ^_^.

I did go to work after I began feeling better last week, but I was exhausted when I came home. I was usually in bed anytime I was home. I either slept, ate, or read something. Now, I usually don’t watch TV. I’ll have it on, but just as background noise. I can’t STAND a quite room. I’ll be doing something else while the TV is on. At night, I will watch some TV as I’m settling to go to sleep. But, other than that…not into watch the screen. When I was sick, however, I found myself enjoying the movie channel. I was hoping to see Godzilla on the pay channel, but it’s too expensive (at about $15 to own it or something) and I thought I could wait to rent it. When I thought about renting, I decided to check my local Redbox, oh yes I don’t really do Redbox but I was bored, and they had The Raid 2.

I loved The Raid: Redemption, which was the first, and couldn’t even believe that the second one was out already. I immediately drove over and rented it. I was very impressed. Let me tell you a little bit about this series of movies. It’s part of the martial arts genre, I would say, and it’s extremely violent and gory. This is why I like it. I might be a lady, but I love my horror, suspense, action, and gore lol. I really can’t stand to watch “chick flicks”. (Fyi: I’m a total Korean Drama fan haha.). But, the more violent it is the better.

The Raid series matches up to my goodness level ^_^. Gareth Evans is a genius. He’s the writer and directer of this series and he’s amazing because to me he brings back some of what’s missing in martial arts movies, especially US borne ones.  The choreography of the fighting is very authentic and I’m pretty sure the people who worked on the movie have to be very proud. I enjoyed the ride and I do find it a little bit of shame more people haven’t seen the films. (There’s also Merantau from 2009 that’s from Evans as well that I found amazing btw). At the same time, I’m glad that they aren’t as “mainstream” because I would fear that he’d “sellout” haha. I’d rather him not downgrade just to upgrade. Know what I mean? For I’ll keep on watching whatever her decides to share with the world.

Anyways, if you haven’t heard of Evans or the series and you like martial arts. Check out The Raid series. It’s pretty kick-ass-amazing ^_^. The Raid 2 matches up to its predecessor and does not disappoint. (Well it has a bigger story. I wanted to get to the fighting more but the story was good too. Has more talking in it than the first one as well.)

The Raid:Redemption trailer for you guys!

Btw, I hear a third is to follow and I’m excited.