Stay Woke

Yay! It’s finished. The columns I previously showed off.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 14.1

Really got the hang of stitching two columns at a time. Very happy about that. I’ve started stitching on the next two columns and realized I only have one and a half columns left to stitch after the two I’m stitching now. Then, page done! I think stitching this way is faster for me. Maybe I just think it is. Well…I guess if I can do both columns in two weeks then it would be faster? Hmm.

This is a short post. Therefore, I’m going to share my favorite song at the moment. It’s by Childish Gambino and it’s called “Redbone”. Love the vibe of it and that album cover is amazing. Please be aware that it does have some explicit lyrics.

Keep on Stitching!



Filler Time

It’s disappointing to say there isn’t an update for this week. Not much time to stitch these couple of weeks. That’s okay though. I will definitely have something ready for next post.

Until then, enjoy this song by Flume. I’m in love with this song! (It does have explicit language so listen at your own accord. It’s not full out bad language though. Just one word said a couple of times throughout. It’s a really good song.)

Hope you’re all having a great March!