Stay Woke

Yay! It’s finished. The columns I previously showed off.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 14.1

Really got the hang of stitching two columns at a time. Very happy about that. I’ve started stitching on the next two columns and realized I only have one and a half columns left to stitch after the two I’m stitching now. Then, page done! I think stitching this way is faster for me. Maybe I just think it is. Well…I guess if I can do both columns in two weeks then it would be faster? Hmm.

This is a short post. Therefore, I’m going to share my favorite song at the moment. It’s by Childish Gambino and it’s called “Redbone”. Love the vibe of it and that album cover is amazing. Please be aware that it does have some explicit lyrics.

Keep on Stitching!



Mixing Columns

March started with an overload of work-related stress. It made stitching take a back seat at the beginning of the month. I’ll be honest, I really want to take a vacation right about now. Just a little mental break. Like a three-day weekend. Boy, that sounds really good right now. I probably won’t do something like that until midweek of April. I can fantasize about all the sleep and stitching for now.


Here is what I’ve stitched over the past couple of weeks.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 14

I apologize for the picture. I realized too late this might not be the best photo of the new stitches.

I’ve switched from stitching one column (which is 100 stitches/section and around 8-full sections a column) to two columns at once. What you’re seeing are 6 sections, or 600 stitches. Which isn’t too bad for being busy this month.

I started stitching two columns on the Surprise Stitch and wanted to try it with AF4.  The transition from SS to AF4 posed tiresome in the first 100 stitches. On the last stitching of SS, SS had about 8 different colors to stitch. Doing two columns for SS seemed practical. AF4…not so much. AF4 has around 15 different color changes right now. So…the first 100 stitches of these two columns took some time to get. Once I got it, I think I like doing two columns. I’ll probably stitch with it. *Har har har*

I miss stitching on SS! I’m not switching to SS. I plan to continue stitching AF4 for next post. I have to at least finish these columns. It’s motivation for me to stitch faster haha.

*By the way, I’m reading Pema Chodron’s “How to Meditate” and I remember someone recommended it here last year. I want to say thank you to whoever recommended this book. I really love it (^_^). It’s very enlightening and mind expanding. I wish I read it when you suggested it earlier.*

Happy Stitching!


8 Pages Down, AF4

I’m glad to present the hard work of finishing 8 pages of my AF4 cross stitch project!

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 13.6 (012917)

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 13.6a

You know what that means? I’m done with this row and making my way down.

Here’s what AF4 looks like now:

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 13.6b

I have three more sections to go until I’m done this upper corner of AF4. I know I said I didn’t want to make stitching goals, but I would like to complete this new section by the end of the year.  I’m optimistic.

Let’s see the specs of AF4 so far are:

  • 8 out 80 pages finished. (72 pages left)
  • 40,000 stitches stitched. (I still haven’t added the stitches from the upward stitching. I will add them as pages go. Also, I’m sure I’m missing a few on the count because I can’t remember what I did when I first started. I think I did it by page, but not too sure. It seems to line up okay, but you never know.)

I’m very happy about finishing this section. Can’t wait to mush on (^_^).

Happy Stitching,



Welcome 2017

It’s 2017!

Doesn’t saying the year 2017 have an ominous negative energy to it? No? It does to me. Kind of freaked me out in December when I first said 2017. The way if flows out the mouth isn’t good. I wish nothing but good things this year, but this feeling I have hasn’t shaken off yet. Might take a couple of months. Who wants to slide into the new year with that feeling though? *derp*

I hope you all had a safe and wonderful holiday. I was off of work for awhile and definitely had some time over Christmas and New Years to get into some great stitching.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 13.5 (121716)

AF4 is coming along nicely. Almost done with this top portion. One more column to go!

Lets see…resolutions for this year…I’m not sure if I have any for my stitching this year. Did I have one last year? I did make a personal resolution. I would like to just go for what I want. Not to think so much. All that thinking and holding out…for what? Doesn’t make sense. Why not take a risk? If it doesn’t kill you it’ll make you stronger.

Any resolutions for you this year?

Keep on stitching,


Fluttering Along?

Hey everyone. Still in shock over last month and trying to wrap my head around it. It’s not inappropriate to call this a “grieving” process is it? It feels like I’m grieving. Usually I’d just try to force some positivity. Not this time. I’m just going to grieve for a little bit longer.

Even after this American shock…I still found time to stitch.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 13.4 (112716)

Stitching soothes the soul. There’s only 2 columns left for AF4 and then I’m done with the page and moving on down.

Besides the other, I’ve come to a personal crossroad. I’m reevaluating my career. I love my job, I do. I do wonder where am I going afterwards. Is this a career I want to continue? If so, what is my end goal? Is there even an end goal here? I’ve been lost.  I’m not too sure what I want to do. At the same time, I’ve been thinking about going back to school and majoring in Psychology. It was my major when I first started college. I’ve always wanted to be a therapist of some kind. Marriage, child, mental…I’m not sure which I’d focus, but I would like to be a counselor of some kind. I love helping people and as someone with their own mental health disorders I would definitely want to focus and help others. Especially those who feel stigmatized about it. It took me a long time to feel as if my anxiety and obsessive thinking are okay. I’m okay. You can manage them really well and it’s not because something is wrong with you. You’re just magnificently different. It’s a compliment really. Who wants to be the same as everyone else anyway? Not me. I’m not basic.

I’m just unsure. Is this what I want to do? Go back to school? I know that learning is an everlasting continuum. I’m a little lost with what it is I want. It’s a little strange for me to focus on my future. My spontaneous brain doesn’t know how to comprehend the thought change.

Has anyone gone through something similar?

By the way, I found this adorable livestream. I’ve been watching it for a very long time. Maybe August. Thought I’d share (^_^).

Have a wonderful day.


Such A Shortie

Not much to say for this post. Things have been going well. I’m happy to have finished this column of AF4.

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 13.3 (100916)

The next column is part of the middle of the stitch. Which is where I originally started way below this top section. There’s only 3 more columns to go. Well not until I’m done lol. Just until I’m matched up with the bottom stitch. I can then start to fill in the middle of the upper-left corner of the AF4 stitch! I’m sooo excited (^_^).

Here’s my new favorite song…and yes I’m still stuck on some BTS lol. I know the names of them now. Progress. They’re also coming out with new music, so it’s a good time to get into them. Big Bang will be doing their military service soon…*cry cry*…so while I wait for them I guess BTS is a nice diversion.

Happy Stitching!


Stitching with the Olympics

The 2016 Olympics are here.

I’ve been so excited about this since January. I get so riled up and patriotic during the weeks of the Olympics. I watch everything. I might not know anything about the sport, but gosh golly I watch it!

I’m not a sporty girl at all. The only sport I generally follow is Mixed Martial Arts. MMA…has…been…disappointingly to me (too much doping going on and foolishness in my most loved sport) and the Olympics has lifted me up. So much greatness out there. I think of all their dedication and hard work. I think of what it took to be the best and to represent their county. Wanting to win that gold for your country. All that heart…it’s overwhelming. I support my country 100% , but I’ll still cheer for other countries (well if they aren’t against the USA haha).

I saw Michael Phelps’ last race and saw a great go down in history as still number one. I remember seeing him in 2000. It’s so unbelievable. We’ll see if he really means to retire. He seems dead set on this being it, but you never know. Still…it’s been a joy to watch him all these years and I’m glad to have been able to.

It’s a great time to be alive people

Of course I’ve been putting in some stitch time. I finished another column!

Asian Fantasy 4 WIP 13.1 (081416)

I love the reds in her black hair. They pop so well. You can’t really see it well here, I’m still struggling taking photos of the project haha, but it does pop. I also enjoy the vivid color change because I’m soooo over the blue/green scheme.

By the way…my Big Bang obsession is on overload. I just can’t get enough of this video. The girl…random fan…she did amazing. Not to mention Taeyang looks just gorgeous! His stage voice is just perfection. Goodness. I’d have just died if I were her. This was his first solo with a woman and I just think they did so beautifully. Go her for singing with her idol and kicking ass.

Have a wonderful day!